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Now you can have it all "Pre Sale, In-Lane or Post Sale" with Simcasts™. The SimCasts™ mobile application allows auctions a live stream during the live sale In-Lane . The SimCasts™ app gives the subscriber a realistic feeling of being present next to the car. The online bidder can navigate with the mobile camera live stream to zoom in on a particular part of the vehicle, providing a live inspection that goes above and beyond any fixed camera footage.

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The benefits for auctions:

  • Multiple Streams.

    A subscribed dealer can view multiple presentations at a time. One vehicle can be shown in detail for several different auctions.

  • Multiple Vehicles.

    A dealer can watch a few different vehicle streams simultaneously.

  • Bidding Ability.

    A subscribed dealer has the possibility to make bids during the stream.

  • No Additional Software.

    A dealer doesn’t need any additional tools, modules or plugins to watch the vehicle stream. All the dealer needs to do is launch their browser, open the inventory page and select a vehicle to view.

  • Text Chatting.

    Dealer can interact with auctions by sending their comments or questions during the video session.

  • Streaming On Demand.

    A dealer can subscribe for the SimCasts™ streaming and view the vehicle at any time.

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