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Remote and Mobile Auto Auctions

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Go where the cars are with Auction-On-Wheels! CAMS-3™ platform enables your Brick-N-Mortar auction to multiply and scale as it brings your auction services to large franchise dealership that a full run lane numbers at their locations.

Push back on the uncertified virtual online systems that are encroaching on your sales. Become the hybrid provider that can facilitate the number of vehicles to support a full one lane event at their location.

How does it work!

Auction-On-Wheels mobile workstation allows your auction to function outside of your location while all the details and synchronized with the main office. You will have the ability to host mobile sales events 100’s of miles away on days that you have no activity at your auction or on the same day and at the same time of your sale day as an additional lane or event with all details rolling into one system.

The workstation and the devices connected work in unascends to replicate your auctions software solution as an extended mobile division of your auction.

The Auctioneer Display Interface enables the auctioneer to remotely facilitate the sale as if they are standing at the block on sales day. The portable tablet and proprietary application integrate with two additional cameras streaming the video feed as an online simulcast with front-facing camera to interact equally between the online buyers and the in-lane bidders to improve the buyers experience.

Auction-On-Wheels Benefits and ROI!

Auction-On-Wheels bridges the gap between in-lane and online environments helping independent auction owners to create new sales channels. The combinations of running focused events based on the size of your customers and exclusivity of the brand or entity running in the lane is endless.

Developed as a fully integrated suite of modules engineered exclusively for the Automotive Auction & Wholesale industry, Auction-On-Wheels is designed to work with just three to four people running the entire sales event.

Auction-On-Wheels bypasses the expense of having a physical location, rent, utility costs and any associated with traditional brick and mortar facilities.

Your seller will save on the transportation cost and in-turn will use the saving to accept lower bids to transact the sale and buyers will pay up since their fees are reduced and the location will be more convenient to attend and transport their purchase back to their lot. You will experience higher sales volume and higher conversions while maintaining your buy/sell fee rates.

Contact us to see the cost benefits and ROI associated with this hybrid solution encompassing both the physical auction and the online concept to reach every dealership in your state and the multigroup alike by bringing the sale to their doorstep available exclusively through Auction Streaming Unified Software Solutions.