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Reach beyond the gates and sell cars every day, not only on a sale day. The Local Marketplace platform offers auctions the opportunity to market and sell online any day of the week; directly from physical inventory of the auction or from virtual inventory on your dealer’s lot.

The Local Marketplace is integrated with our AuctionLink™ connecting your auction directly with the Dealership Management System (DMS) for seamless uploads of vehicle information and photos.

Complete Bidding Platform

We offer you a complete bidding platform which covers all auction scenarios. If your customers don’t want to wait till the end of the auction but want to purchase a vehicle at that very moment when they see one, they can use our “Buy Now” feature. With the help of “Make Offer” a customer has a possibility to submit his/her own price for a vehicle which only the auction can accept or reject. “Reserve Price” feature lets a seller to agree to trade the vehicle for the reserved price, but not earlier than the end of the auction.

Give your customers a possibility to make bid increments in a real-time format with “Live Bidding” or set up “Proxy Bidding”, a process of multiple bids and outbids at the end of which the auction winner buys a vehicle at the lower price than he/she was ready to pay.

Difital Marketplace

Smartphone platforms

You can turn on countdown timer (optional extended timer) that shows the time left before the end of the auction. Set up buy/sell email notifications to your customers’ mobile devices. Auction Marketplace is compatible with all known devices, all major smartphone platforms and OS, including Android, Apple and Windows.

Marketplace bidding platform features:

  • Buy Now
  • Make Offer
  • Reserve Price
  • Live Bidding
  • Responsive Website
  • SimCasts TM Mobile
  • LVS TM Live Video Streaming
  • Bidding History
  • Proxy Bidding
  • Countdown Timer
  • Extended Timer
  • Buyer Registration
  • Buyer Spending Limits
  • Buy / Sell Email Notifications
  • Vehicle Video
  • Integrated Vehicle History Reports (Carfax, AutoCheck, CarProof)
Digital Marketplace Tools